Type In Progress 002

After claiming the word “Bold” with The Bold Font. Its now time to try and claim “Italic”. As you’ve probably noticed, the names of the fonts here are based on the order of the alphabet. So we started with the A for The Athletic font. And now we are at font number nine so that means it is time for the “I”. So that gives us the opportunity to create The Italic Font.

Its not like the letters of the alphabet are leading in the concept of the font designs. But in this case the order is just right. We already started working on an italic font a while ago but it didn’t have a name yet. And now it all fell into place.

Designing this font started when we were creating a logo for New Bold Times. When there is a brand name and it needs a logo you should always look at the flow of the letters. After writing down the name a few times we thought it was cool to make it in an italic way. After using and working on the italic logo for a while it didn’t feel right to do it italic anymore. It happens al the time, its part of the process of building a logo. But we still liked the italic characters the were created. So we decide to make a font out of it.

Its becoming a friendly and modern italic font. When designing a font you usually create a regular version and then make it italic in any font program. But for this one we really wanted to design the slanted characters one by one without a regular version as an base. Just to learn and get to know the italic font style better. See how an italic font works and how it doesn’t. Why does something work for a straight regular font but not for an italic version for example.

It is a nice process as a font nerd. We don’t set a release date on this one but were sure when it will be out that its another fun font to use.

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