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Typography has always been one of the most interesting elements of design to me. And after designing the highly appreciated The Bold Font my interest in fonts and typography started to grow even more. In my work it is not the goal to create the next Times New Roman, Helvetica or Bebas. My goal is to created fun en unique fonts so you can stand out using my fonts in your design. 

In all these years I started to work on more and more fonts. Sometimes I would start with some interesting characters and never finish it and other times I flowed the whole alphabet out there just like that. And now finally its time to share it with you. In the shop you can download a selection of the fun fonts I made. And in the blog articles you can read what fonts from other designers are interesting to me. New Bold Times is basically a place where I can nerd out over fonts and letters.

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The Name

First of all NEW comes from a famous serif font that every designer knows. BOLD comes from the first font I designed and is also a wink to font weights. and the last part TIMES comes from a famous newspaper, sinds we also have a blog and typography and newspapers go hand in hand. Together it says New Bold Times which can be seen as the fun en bold fonts that we use and create everyday. It is always new because we are always looking for the next bold and beautiful thing.

New Bold Times is an initiative by artist, graphic designer and creator Sven Pels

Sharing The Fonts

In an ideal world I would make all the fonts free to use for everybody, just like The Bold Font. But the reality is that all the sells help me to continue to create more, keep sharing them and keep this project going. So feel free to download the fonts here in the shop and support my work. When everything is up and running I promise there will be more free fonts out there. Because it just makes me happy when everyone is designing with my funny fonts.  

I appreciate every single one of you who uses and loves my fonts. Thank you very much for supporting. And have fun designing.

– Sven Pels

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