The Bold Font


The first font
created and shared

A sans-serif all caps font that has more than 130 characters with all the the same stroke width. The Bold Font is the first font that I have ever designed. I created it back in 2015 with the goal to make big bold letters that would stand out as a headlines, titles or large text. 

From day one of uploading it to it was has been picked up well and is there with the top sans-serif fonts. Now all these years later it has been dowloaded millions of times only on dafont let alone all websites that adopted it from dafont and also put it out to download. It is fun to see the font in use for all sort of purposes. But what is not cool is when someone tries to sell your FREE font. Or when someone ‘recreates’ it and says it is there own. Well when it is getting copied it’s also kind of a compliment, right.

Pricing Of The Font

The Bold Font is 100% free to use for everyone out there that would like to design something fun with it. From logos to headlines or magazine covers. It completely made out of the love for designing and giving something fun to all designers. After it has been downloaded so many times people ask and wonder, what if you got a dollar for every time it has been downloaded. But that question was and is not relevant for me. I am happy with every single person who downloaded it and used it because that shows appreciation in what i do and what i made. 

The Bold Font is 100% free to use for everybody

Licensing Of The Font

A lot of you ask me if there is a commercial license or whether they can use it for commercial purposes. As mentioned above it is a totally 100% free font for everyone to use for whatever purpose and as many times as you want. So there is no license for it. And yes you can you use The Bold Font for commercial purposes.

The Future

I have never really updated the bold font even though i think it could be improved. I guess i like its flaws because it is what comes with being the first one. Will it ever be for sale? NO, never. But what i do appreciate is all the people who donate a small or large amount on trough the donate button on next to the download button. The love for typography is still here after all these years. It even may have grown on me and this website and all the brother and sister fonts of The Bold Font you can find here are proof of that. 

If you want to download The Bold Font go over to and smash that download button. The reason its not downloadable here on New Bold Times is simply because i think its fun to see the number of downloads grow on the platform where it all started and where it really came to life.

Thanks again to all designers who ever downloaded The Bold Font and to everyone who supported or is supporting my work.

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